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Our exclusive clinical consultation network paired with our custom interactive materials is the perfect team for when you are in the field

Call IQ: Clinical Consult Network

The clinical consult network is an exclusive online community where healthcare physicians communicate across specialties, posing questions for peer insights. These responses are indexed, creating a robust database that can be searched to identify sales opportunities. Field representatives can utilize this network by defining a custom search criteria that will trigger automated alerts directly to their inbox when matching actvity is recorded.

Trend Reports

Navigating the complex selling environment with physicians, payors, and patients can be a difficult task. Timing opportunities and tailored messaging is crucial to a brand's success. Our trend reports provide up-to-date analysis on the top marketing strategies for communicating with physicians as well as how to time outreach for the best results.

Interactive Materials

Once our clinical consult network has identified a highly-qualified opportunity, we can customize an interactive experience to assist in the sales conversations. These interactive materials are an attractive way to engage the physician, control the course of your messaging, and get a real-time recording of their responses. These same tools can then be altered to educate patients within the physician's practice, providing information such as payor coverage, co-pays, dosages, pharmacies, and clinical trials.

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"The team at MDcentRx works fast. Before we knew it, we were engaging in profitable conversations with physicians regarding our drug..."

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